Pettrus is the pioneer in offering semiprecious and super exotic ornamental stones. To begin the business, beyond a hard work, it took faith and a lot of experience to explore new markets, beginning its history 15 years ago.

The company works like the top designers, that use Haute Couture as a positioning, as a way to show its technical and creative skills. The Pettrus’ ornamental stones are characterized by its exclusivity and very high quality materials.

Keeping with mastery the color fidelity, movements, and natural textures of the stones, with cutting and shaping that turn them into a real work of art.

Aware of market changes, the company offers innovative materials and new ways to use it, matching all the demands and tendencies from the architecture universe and contemporary design.The company devotes itself to constant search of new materials, always eccentrics and originals, to satisfy the needs that are increasingly accurate and refined from art and decor market.